Ethics and Malpractice

In order to respect the ethics of intellectual work and copyright, and also to avoid any form of malpractice in this sense, the articles that do not respect the following conditions will not be published in Philobiblon:

  1. The originality of the article must be incontestable; the authors are required to reference any ideas that do not belong to them in the footnotes and offer the complete source of the idea.
  2. The authors are required to fill out, sign and send to the editorial office in .pdf the Copyright Assessment Form regarding the originality of their paper, as well as the Copyright Agreement . These documents have legal value.

Prevention and fight against plagiarism:

The plagiarism attempts discovered during the article evaluation process have the following consequences:

  1. Rejection of the manuscript for publication.
  2. Definitive elimination of the author as future possible author of the journal.
  3. Official information of the higher education or research institution of the author’s affiliation.
  4. Informing the scholarly community and public opinion.

Upon notification of allegation of plagiarism regarding any article previously published in Philobiblon, after a thorough verification and validation of such suspicions, the measures taken are as follows:

  1. In the case of a Romanian citizen: the editorial office will consult the Index of allegations of plagiarized works in Romania and will file a complaint to the Public Prosecutor on the basis of the Copyright Law, using the legal value of the Copyright Assessment
  2. In the case of an author who is not a Romanian citizen: the editorial office will inform the higher education or research institution of the author’s affiliation and will provide all necessary documents, including the author’s Copyright Assessment regarding the originality of the article; moreover, the editorial office will inform the most important international databases (Thomson Reuters, Ebsco, ProQuest, Scopus, ERIH, CEOL etc.) and will publish its official position on the matter.

As conceptual and general guidelines on plagiarism, the journal Philobiblon refers to “What Constitutes Plagiarism”, Harvard Guide to Using Sources